Reblog this if you became a 5er in 2013


If you were a 5er in 2012 come to this one

I am making a list to see when 5ers came in. This is muy important!

around June <3

kimmykimkim5 said: Do you know where I could buy the tickets for September?

As of right now, Jill said that the date IS GOOD TO GO! they are finalizing it, then they will begin selling. im assuming they will be the same price as Miamis, so look those up to be prepared!:) Jill said to keep checking

Twerk Du Soleil: My Experience →


*Please note that I am, in no way, bragging about what happened on Friday. I am extremely greatful for all of it and just want to share my experience with some of you*

So it was Thursday night and I was sitting in my living room, alone, re-watching all of the #BandCamp episodes and blaring music…

Wish i couldve met u i got VIP :) i was like front center for the concert *unless i did meet you*