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He’s just so nice but I’m not a will girl I love all the boys equally. Will is so sweet and caring and nice and is a genuine member of the band…

Hes unlike a lot of boys in this known universe. Hes kind, very giving, and works hard to remember the little things about his fans. He isn’t like the typical teenage boy population. Hes sweet to every person he meets, doesn’t ever want to argue, and once he does have a girlfriend, love her like no one else ever would. He doesn’t ever show it, but hes very strong when it comes to emotions. have you ever seen Will sad? *besides obvious facts involving IM5*. weve never seen will sad about personal reasons, hes very strong to hide his emotions and be happy just for us, and we realize that we make him happy, and he feels better. I love will because hes kind to everyone he meets, never gives up, and his smile just brightens my life.

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because we can

this is one of the few posts of mine that I will ever be glad to see on my dash the rest just cringe and no

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"I have very competitive rates and critics have already given me four stars!"

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I’d just like to remind everyone that in an old interview, IM5 was asked, “If you were to become IM6, who would the sixth member be?”

And Dalton answered with David Scarzone.

So everyone let that sink in and stop hating please.

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I Want Crazy by Hunter Hayes Cover IM5

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